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I was raised in Michigan where I began drawing and painting at an early age.  I attended the University of Michigan, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Design.  I moved to the west coast that year to attend the University of Washington in Seattle, completing my Master of Fine Arts Degree.  My thesis work was figure painting, with an emphasis in oils.


Since completing my graduate studies, I have exhibited my work extensively in Michigan, Washington, British Columbia and California.  I won Fourth Place in the Mixed Media category at the California Works exhibition in Sacramento.  My paintings, drawings, sculpture and handmade paper pieces are in private collections and public buildings throughout the west.


For ten years, I managed several arts organizations in British Columbia and California, including Sun Gallery in Hayward.  Currently, I am developing my art career in my studio in Oakland, California.


Since 2016, I have been exploring a new medium - kiln fired glass.  I am now bringing my many years as a painter, printmaker, sculptor and commercial artist to an exciting new material which has re-energized my creative practice.  Glass presents so many new possibilities and challenges that I am always engaged and excited when I am in my studio.

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